Philadelphia’s Race-Baiter In Chief Slams Riley Cooper

Philadelphia Mayor and self-appointed Race-baiter in Chief Michael Nutter has weighed in on the incredibly serious situation developing around Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper having said a word.

You’ll know racism is basically solved when we have week-long meltdowns over relatively minor and completely irrelevant infractions of decorum.

I guess, now that the city has stopped literally crumbling and the crime problem has been solved, Nutter has a little bit of free time on his hands to gather the pitchforks and lead a good old-fashioned mob.

As the Mayor of this City and an African-American man, I find the remarks made by Riley Cooper, repugnant, insensitive and ignorant, and all of us, regardless of race or nationality, should be offended by these comments.

So far, so good.  Nothing controversial there.  But this is Michael Nutter, so it isn’t long before it’s time to go off the rails.

“I realize that government has no place in this situation…”

I recognize that the private sector is very different than the public sector in terms of rules and procedures,

“…but there are headlines to be had here, so I’m going to insert myself into it anyway.”

but I would note that in our government, if an executive branch ‘at-will’ employee, somewhat similar to Mr. Cooper’s status with the Eagles, made such comments, I would insist on a suspension at a minimum and would seriously have to evaluate terminating such an individual from employment with the City.

“Here are a bunch of unrelated words strung together and a pop culture reference so you’ll know how hip and serious a thinker I am.”

In a year when we celebrated the great achievements of Jackie Robinson in the movie ’42,’ it is truly saddening that racial epithets are still being hurled like baseballs, or by a football player, at the human dignity of African-Americans and others,” Nutter’s statement continued. “This incident is a disgrace, and cannot be excused by just paying a fine, as if it were a parking ticket.

Yes, saying a word that is said and rapped about ten million times a day in “your city” is clearly much more serious than a parking infraction. People are dying left and right due to disallowed verbiage.

To his credit, former NFL and MLB star Deion Sanders, who is every bit as black as Michael Nutter, is calling BS on the faux outrage (via Breitbart).

“[It bothers me that] African Americans can say the N-word to one another”–that they do so in the locker room and in rap songs–yet they jump all over “a kid who made a mistake” in using the word.

Sanders said: “[Cooper] said something under pressure that really told us what’s inside of him. I can forgive him for that. But I cannot for one minute think that [those going after Cooper] have not said something in [their] home, in [their] workplace, at a club partying, or just among friends that [they] don’t want to get out.”

He then asked rhetorically: “[Yet] you have the audacity to judge this kid?”

Sanders then said “it baffles [him] how African-Americans can say [the word] to one another, but when the other race says it, [they] see a problem.”

How completely silly is it that adults, even black adults like Deion Sanders, have to run around saying “The N Word” as part of serious conversation?