Patrick Murphy Releases Video As Candidate For PA Attorney General

Ousted ultra-liberal former Congressman Patrick Murphy can’t wait to get back on the public payroll, so he’s running for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

I guess being a partner at a cushy public sector law firm in the economy he helped destroy isn’t as rosy as he thought it would be, so drawing a public paycheck is his best bet.

On the bright side, the Attorney General election is in 2012, so there will be no chance for Murphy to run for Congress that year if he gets this nomination.

Murphy released a YouTube campaign video on June 21 that has only 436 views a week later.  As per his usual M.O., he plays up his military service, which seems strangely unrelated to what his duties would be if the state is unfortunate enough to find him as its Attorney General.  The video is called “Meet Patrick Murphy.”  Um, Pat.  We’ve already met.  Remember? We’re the ones that turned and walked away, leaving you standing there looking kind of sad and broken.

He wants voters to know he’s going to fight crime wherever he finds it, “on the streets (Accompanied by a shot of a scary, scary fence with criminal intent), in corporate boardrooms (Accompanied by a shot of a middle-aged white dude on the phone – chilling!) and in Harrisburg.” (Is this a promise to switch parties?).

Good luck finding any crime to fight in corporate boardrooms in PA, Li’l Pat. Rendell chased all the corporations out of the state!  Mission Accomplished!

Murphy will put his “real world experiences” (championing unconstitutional laws and destroying jobs) to work “Protecting families – defending seniors and fighting for those who need a champion” according to the video.

All you really need to know about who Murphy intends to Protect, Defend and Fight For can be found in’s gushing article about Murphy’s April announcement that he’d be seeking this office.

Endorsements for Murphy for Attorney General, from the campaign.

Labor Unions:

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776
PA Conference of Teamsters
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America
Sprinkler Fitters Local 692
Plumbers Union Local 690
Ironworkers Local 401
Boilermakers Local 13
Boilermakers Local 19
American Postal Workers Union Local 7048
Communications Workers of American Local 13000
Steamfitters’ Local Union 420

The nearly two-minute long video does not mention the term “Democrat” once. Murphy only talks at the very end, and it seems he still hasn’t figured out that he should drink a little water or chew some gum before he speaks publicly.

Murphy proved too liberal to be reelected to Congress from a slightly liberal leaning district just outside Philadelphia.  Can he reasonably believe that he has a chance in the state as a whole, especially as it turns firmly against the failed policies he helped destroy the country with in Washington, DC?

One thought on “Patrick Murphy Releases Video As Candidate For PA Attorney General

  1. pat wandling says:

    Ah, a “reward” for being such an obedient servant in Congress, perhaps. Better yet, how about his ability to raise money from all those labor unions — isn’t that part of the equation when the Dems start looking for big ticket candidates? Facts are: Mr. Murphy has limited legal experience, zero government administrative experience, and, surely, his puppeteering ways do not bode well for the AG’s watchdog office.

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