Patrick Murphy Debuts Glitzy New Ad Campaign On Drudge

If there’s such a thing as an award for the most beautiful art direction in web advertising, Patrick Murphy’s new campaign ad that I just spotted on the Drudge Report has to be in contention.

With an ad that looks like something that would have popped up on my Atari 2600 in 1982 as I awaited another exciting round of Space Invaders, it’s clear Murphy has pulled out all the stops in his bid to continue forcing the failed Murphy / Pelosi / Obama economic agenda down our throats for another two years.

Hey, that Kuchera Defense Systems scandal money isn’t going to spend itself!  The ad screams: “HEY!  Patrick Murphy knows as much about attractive web graphic design as he does economics!”

I wanted to click “The 4.3% Unemployment Rate the month before Patrick Murphy took office,” but I couldn’t find it. Must be a browser rendering issue.

By the way, has anyone seen a Mike Fitzpatrick ad yet?

UPDATE: Even better, Murphy is already referring to Mike Fitzpatrick as “Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.” It’s either a Freudian slip, or Murphy thinks PA-8 voters are so stupid that we’ll be duped into believing that Fitzpatrick is actually the incumbent who we want to throw out on his ear.

6 thoughts on “Patrick Murphy Debuts Glitzy New Ad Campaign On Drudge

  1. Bitter says:

    Not a one. I’ve seen lots of Toomey, some Corbett, but not a single Fitzpatrick.

  2. BMS says:

    Uh, I think Murphy refers to Fitzpatrick as “Congressman Fitzpatrick” because that’s a short, polite way to refer to a former congressman.

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