Cory “Dumber Obama” Booker “Honored” Working With Sessions On Civil Rights In 2/2016

New Jersey Senator Cory “Dumber Obama” Booker, the attention whore who will break with tradition today and testify against fellow Senator Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General on the basis of made-up racial grievances, praised Sessions less than one year ago when the pair teamed up to give an award to civil rights activists.

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Chicago BLM Terrorists Kidnap Special Needs Man, Torture Him On Facebook Live

Four suspects widely reported to be Black Lives Matter supporters are under arrest in Chicago after police say they kidnapped a special needs man and tortured him on Facebook’s live video streaming service.

brittany-herringThanks, Obama.

The disturbing video, broadcast on Facebook by a female who is reported to be in custody, shows the suspects beating and kicking the bound and gagged white man and cutting into his scalp while screaming “Fuck Donald Trump” and “Fuck white people.”  The suspects also appear to use illicit drugs throughout, reference “Jihad” (at 4:16), and force the man to drink toilet water.

CNN calls the torture session a “beating.”

Police found the disoriented victim, described as a man from the Chicago suburbs with special needs, wandering the street and brought him to a hospital. Shortly afterward, officers responded to a battery call at a residence near where the man was found and saw signs of a struggle and property damage, police said.

After viewing the video they determined the victim was the man found on the street and that the people arrested were involved, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

The full 30 minute video is below. It is painful to watch, so be warned. Just remember while you watch, it’s impossible to be racist against white people because power or something.

NOTE: Full video removed by YouTube for “spam, deceptive practices or scams” because of course they would do that.  Trying to find an alternate source now.

UPDATE: Here’s an alternate raw version. Let’s see how long this one stays up.