PA GOP Answer To Casey Is Steven Welch: An Obama Supporting Sestak Fundraiser

Despite every indication that 2012 will be the election when even the most entrenched Democrats face an uphill battle holding on to their elected offices, the Pennsylvania GOP establishment is lining up behind little-known businessman Steven Welch as the candidate to challenge Taker Party Senator Bob Casey.

I don’t know much about Welch.  No one does. But I do know that the guy switched parties to vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries, and that he hosted a fundraiser for far-left Democrat Joe Sestak in 2006.

Will the GOP’s 2012 Senate candidate in PA really be a guy who looked at the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and felt compelled to get involved AND THEN supported Obama?  What possible reason could there be other than worrying that Hillary just wasn’t far left enough to suit his tastes?  The dynamic of that race was clear, even in the mainstream media: Obama was the further left of the two.

It appears so.

Consultant John Brabender, who is advising Welch, confirmed his candidacy this afternoon.

“Steve has made the decision to move forward with a race for the United States Senate, and he is aggressively working the critical steps to put a first-rate campaign team together,” he said.

Welch declined to comment, but confirmed Brabender’s statement.


Yet even with yet-to-be-determined establishment support, Welch will not have an easy walk to the nomination. He faces flak from conservatives for his 2008 decision to switch his party registration and vote for Barack Obama in the Democratic primary. In 2006, he hosted a fundraiser for Democrat Joe Sestak.

He voted for John McCain in the general election.

Well, there’s that I guess.

2 thoughts on “PA GOP Answer To Casey Is Steven Welch: An Obama Supporting Sestak Fundraiser

  1. TomInPa says:

    Why not? Back when Santorum was running the Democrats came up with a gun-rights, moderately anti-abortion Democrat to run against him.

    • Steven says:

      Why not? Because we’ve already lived through decades of Senator Specter, and we can do better in this environment.

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