Oopsie: Paul Ryan’s Ratings Skyrocket Among Independents And Elderly

Hey, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

In just the few days since he was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan’s positive ratings among two groups that were supposed to run screaming from him have instead shown unprecedented improvement.

According to a Washington Post / ABC poll of adults, Ryan’s favorability among independents has more than doubled from 19% to 39%.  32% of independents have a negative view of Ryan, up just 4% from before he was chosen.  Among senior citizens, Ryan’s approval has spiked from 28% all the way up to 46% while his negative ratings have remained unchanged at 28%.  Guess Mediscare hasn’t worked.

In all, 30% of American adults have no impression of Ryan yet, which is a huge opportunity for Republicans if they play it right.

Like I said above, this is a poll of adults, not likely voters or even registered voters. Polls of all adults are the ones that skew most toward Democrats.

The Post-ABC survey included interviews with 667 randomly selected adults leading up to Saturday’s announcement, and 522 afterwards.