Only Obama: Osama Raid Narrative So Screwed Up White House Goes Silent

The feckless, failed Obama administration has screwed up the aftermath of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden so badly that the White House has decided to go silent on the issue.

What should have been their shining moment has turned into yet another example of their utter incompetence and has, once again, put the amateur hour that is the Obama regime on full display for the world.

Let’s face facts: No one at the White House knows what went on, why it went on, or what the orders were because no one at the White House had much to do with the raid.  This was a military and intelligence community operation that has been years in the making and spanned two administrations. Obama’s big, manly role in the whole thing was not standing in its way.

White House officials said [Wednesday] they would give no new details about the raid on [bin Laden’s] compound in Pakistan, an information clampdown that followed fitful attempts to craft a riveting narrative about the killing of al-Qaeda’s leader.

“We killed the world’s most wanted man, lost no one, and are now receding into our cocoon.”  Makes total sense.

Just days after one of the most heralded covert actions in U.S. history, the White House found itself struggling to tell the story of the dramatic raid and having to justify the legal basis for it.

The conundrum mirrored problems that the Obama administration has had communicating its national security approach in the past. From the immediate aftermath of an attempted airliner bombing on Dec. 25, 2009, to the early management of the H1N1 flu crisis, the White House has repeatedly labored to prove its command of inflammatory facts during fast-moving events.

The article goes on to describe the multiple contradictory stories told by the White House about the raid and to detail their other amatuer moves since.  To see them all together is quite jarring.  These are the people who are in charge.

One more thing: Pete Sessions for President.  Not really, but damn.  We’ve got a bunch of Republicans running around like the emperor suddenly has clothes again.  Not Sessions.

“Why didn’t they just say, ‘I don’t know?’ ” Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) asked of details that were later corrected. “It goes back to a group of inexperienced people who really don’t know what they’re doing or talking about and yet giving answers.” He added: “What they should say is ‘I don’t know,’ as opposed to trying to shape or craft what they think is a politically expedient answer.”

The Republicans in DC are pissing me off.  Celebrate the killing of bin Laden, but don’t let this do-nothing own it free and clear.  I don’t remember the Democrats lining up to filate Bush after we captured Saddam Hussein.  In fact, I remember a lot of nitpicking about the manner in which he was checked for lice (pun quite artful if I do say so myself, but not intended).  It’s what the opposition party does. You celebrate the victory and pick at the details.

So Bush takes an armed guy alive and checks him for bugs because he was found in a dirt hole, and Democrats can make all the hay they want out it, but we can’t say shit about how Obama can’t get his story straight after an unarmed guy gets shot in the face and dumped in the ocean on his watch?

As far as releasing the photo, Obama can claim that it’s to prevent a backlash in the Muslim world. But anyone with sense knows the real backlash he’s trying to prevent is among his own base, who couldn’t deal with the reality of what needed to be done under Mr. Hope and Change’s banner.