Only 43% In New Jersey Say Obama Deserves Reelection

Only 43% in the Democrat stronghold of New Jersey say failed President Barack Obama deserves reelection, with 47% of those surveyed responding that he does not deserve a second term.  Just a few months ago, only 39% in New Jersey said he did not deserve to be reelected.

The New Jersey poll, conducted by Rutgers, follows a polls in Florida that found Obama with only 37% approval and Pennsylvania that found only 35% of the state’s residents approve of his job performance.

Joe Scarborough wonders, “doesn’t that number seem remarkably low?”

Why yes, Joe.  It certainly does.  This is, after all, a remarkable President.

David Redlawsk, a professor of political science at Rutgers University, [says] “The dramatic decline in support for Obama comes mostly from independents.”

The New Jersey poll mirrors a nationwide trend for the president. His approval rating in the latest Gallup poll slipped to 38 percent, his lowest ever. Gallup is also showing him running even with almost all of the leading Republican candidates.