Obamanomics: Jobless Claims Rise Again

Barack Obama’s stagnant economy saw first-time jobless claims rise again, up to 365,000 last week.

That’s 8,000 more folks who lost their jobs as compared to the 357,000 the government says applied for unemployment compensation in the prior week. Additionally, last week’s number was revised upward from 353,000, as it is every week.

Plan on this week’s number to be revised to about 369,000 when Obama’s lying Bureau of Labor Statistics reports next week’s number, because that’s just how they roll.

How many $40,000 a plate fundraisers did Obama hold last week trying to force us into 4 more years of this horrible crap?

Additionally, this startling and disturbing little piece of information was buried in Marketwatch’s article about the dismal job numbers.

About 5.96 million people received some kind of state or federal benefit in the week ended July 14, down 69,672 from the prior week.

5.96 million got a piece of your tax money IN ONE WEEK.