Obama Uses Stereotypical Asian Music In Debunked Ad About Outsourcing

Failed Preezy Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has used race-baiting Asian sounding music in a new ad about Bain Capital closing American plants and outsourcing jobs.

Oh, and by the way, the plant at the center of the ad closed in 2001, 2 years after Mitt Romney left Bain Capital.  This is an attack Obama uses frequently, although it has been proven that Romney had nothing to do with the company’s business decisions or operations after leaving the company.

OK.  I think I’m catching on.  Everything that happens in the country is Bush’s fault, even 4 years after he left office. Why shouldn’t everything that happened at Bain Capital be Romney’s fault for decades after he left?

Strangely, Obama wants to be President again even though only the last guy had any power over the economy or jobs. You’d think he’d happily relinquish the powerless office.

Anyway, here’s the anti-Asian ad.