Obama To Give Major Jobs Speech – A Month From Now

The White House, in a panic over failed President Obama’s plunging approval ratings, announced that the President will combat persistent unemployment by making another speech.  About a month from now.  After he gets back from his ritzy Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

This may be among the most bizarre political moves I can remember: Announcing an upcoming speech about an issue that is devastating lives of millions of Americans a month ahead of time, and blatantly admitting that the timing is more about outmaneuvering political opponents and saving the President’s re-election prospects than helping suffering Americans.

Just hold on a little bit longer – this foie gras ain’t gonna eat itself!

Even the White House admits that details of the plan they’ve enlisted the AP to tout aren’t even worked out yet.

No final decisions on the economic package have been made.

Who needs details?  We’ve got a speech, and the accompanying “hostage taking,” “Tea Party Terrorists” rhetoric, already written.  The plan is secondary.

And the AP is entirely cool with the fact that Obama is delaying this so-called plan, which they fully believe will help millions of people – although it clearly won’t, for purely political reasons.

Seeking re-election in a dispiriting economic time for the nation, Obama’s rollout plan allows him to come into September swinging after one of the roughest periods of his presidency.

Obama has hinted about new economic ideas for days as the Republican presidential contenders take whacks as his record.

Everything this President has done has pushed the economy further and further away from a natural free-market recovery.  Of course, this is the batch of spending that will finally do the trick, I guess.

UPDATE: Speaker of the House John Boehner’s spokesman Brendan Buck tweets:

We really don’t need another speech – just a plan, like, on paper. Seriously, just drop it in the mail. Podium not required. Thanks.