Obama To EPA: Please Immediately Cause The Skyrocketing Electricity Prices I Promised During The Campaign

As if skyrocketing gasoline prices were not enough to cripple the average American family’s finances, failed President Barack Obama is about to set electricity prices skyrocketing right behind them, all to fight phony global warming that was never caused by human activity and reversed course more than a decade ago.

Why is Barack Obama waging a “War on Family Finance”?  Just wait until after the election when he’ll have “more flexibility.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will press ahead on Tuesday with the first-ever limits on heat-trapping pollution from new power plants, ignoring protests from Republicans who have said the regulation will raise electricity prices and kill off coal, a dominant U.S. energy source.


[R]egulations from the Environmental Protection Agency on controlling pollution downwind and toxic emissions have helped push some [older power plants] into retirement, causing Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail to claim the agency will cause blackouts.

Don’t worry, though.  Experts – undoubtedly supplied to the AP by the administration – say none of those bad things will happen.  Just like Obamacare was going to cost under $1 trillion.  Why would you think that having less of something would cause a shortage of that thing, anyway?  That’s just stupid!

You can’t use this country’s plentiful oil.  You can’t use this country’s plentiful coal.  No debate.  No committee. No votes on bills. Just rule by executive fiat.  If we all started riding horses around again, Obama would outlaw hay.

Remember, the Earth has been cooling since 1998.

It’s not like Obama didn’t warn the dim 52%.  They just didn’t want to hear it.