Obama To 10-Year Old 9/11 Orphan: How Does It Feel Now That I Killed Osama bin Laden?

On Thursday, super macho he-man Osama slayer Barack Obama took a break from heaving around his massive balls to beg a 10-year old whose father was killed during the 9/11 attacks for some professional validation.

All class.  The man is all class, and totally not a needy man-child.

Christopher Cannizzaro was still in diapers when his firefighter father was killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. And Thursday the 10-year-old wanted President Obama to know his daddy died a hero.


The 6-foot-1 leader of the free world stared the pint-size kid in the eyes and solicited his opinion about a subject that has captured the attention of the world.

“He asked how I felt about Osama Bin Laden being dead,” the boy said.

“I said he could have done something a little less harsh to him, but it was nice to just know that after what happened to my dad, this guy was killed, too.”

Later, Obama repeatedly asked a little girl who choked on the dust of the north tower as she was pushed down the street in a stroller on 9/11 to tell him how great Obamacare is.

Let’s admit it, though.  Seeking to fulfill your emotional needs by begging a child for validation is a gutsy, gutsy call.