Obama Site Fail: Why So Much Javascript Just To Display Text?

Failed President Barack Obama tweeted a message asking business owners (who we all know ‘didn’t build that’) to tell the world how Barack Obama is helping their businesses to succeed.

I clicked the link, and here’s what I got.

I know it’s too wide to fit in a post, so it got thinned down.  You can click the photo to see it in full size.

I use ScriptNo in Chrome to block Javascript for security. When I turn off ScriptNo, the form displays just fine. Why does Barack Obama need so much Javascript to display the text around a simple form? I’d be interested to see someone who knows Javascript analyze what Obama has got going on in the bowels of his web site and what kind of data is being scraped from the visitor.

ScriptNo turns off Javascript for a site unless you specifically turn it on. As a result, every web site I visit has no Javascript processed the first time I visit it.  I visit a lot of sites. I have seen things not display, but I’ve never seen something display all screwy like this.  Is it a font issue or what?

The President of the United States’ web site shouldn’t act like malware.