Obama: ObamaCare Will Be As Great As The Post Office

Paging Mr. TOTUS.  Paging Mr. Dependable TOTUS.  Your presence is required with great haste in New Hampshire.

Barack Obama, attempting to sell his government takeover of the health care industry to an astroturf crowd at a phony, staged town hall, doesn’t want you to worry about the survival of insurance companies after the government creates a tacit insurance monopoly.  After all, private companies FedEx and UPS are “doing just fine” against the government-run US Postal Service.

“Give me your health care and we’ll play Post Office. Next we’ll try Seven Minutes In Socialist Heaven.”

It never occurred to the Convincer-in-Chief that people would probably not want to deal with a service modeled after the notoriously inept US Postal Service when trying to get their tonsils removed?  Detractors of government-run health care have been comparing it to the DMV without knowing that its greatest supporter would do them the favor of comparing it to the US Postal Service.

It gets even worse.  The Heritage Foundation points out that the US Postal Service operates under a virtual monopoly.  True, FedEx and UPS exist with the US Postal Service in the very broad category of “getting things from one place to another,” but only the US Postal Service is allowed to carry “non-urgent letters.”  In other words, FedEx and UPS are “doing just fine” in the narrow arena in which they are allowed to operate, and kept out of other areas by government mandate.

And the quasi-monopoly government-run US Postal Service can’t ever seem to get it right.

Which is the better system again?

Given the President’s comparison of Health Care to Package Delivery, Heritage asks some questions.

1.) The U.S. Post Office is the only entity allowed by federal law to deliver first class mail to your mailbox. In fact, Fedex and UPS are strictly prohibited from delivering “non-urgent” letters. If the government can fairly compete and is setting fair rules, wouldn’t the post office be open to competition at your mailbox?

2.) If Americans were offered “free” postage paid for by massive government spending and tax hikes, would Fedex and UPS still exist?

3.) The Post Office is on track to lose a staggering $7 billion this year alone. How will a government-run health care plan manage taxpayer resources more efficiently?

4.) Postmaster General John Potter says he lacks the “tools” necessary to run the Post Office effectively like a business. Would a government-run health care system have the tools it needs to run as effectively as the private sector entities it is replacing?

5.) On the one hand, the President remarks how great his public health care plan will be. On the other hand, he notes it won’t be good enough to crowd out your private insurance, i.e. the Post Office comparison. So which is it Mr. President? Will it be so great that private insurance disappears or so awful that it isn’t worth creating in the first place?

6.) But the most important question is this: if you have an urgent piece of mail you need delivered, life or death, who are you going to call? Everyone saying the government…please raise your hands. (crickets)

I deal with the USPS quite a bit.  You don’t want a USPS-like system handling your health care any more than you’d trust the USPS to deliver your medical records from one doctor to another in the same town.

Want to see what it would be like to try and deal with that kind of red tape.  Try and wade your way through the rules and regulations in the US Postal Service’s Domestic Mail Manual.  I dare you.