Obama Nearing Point Of No Return In PA Poll

There’s a certain amount of negativity that can build up around a politician and be turned around – in time – once the situation on the ground improves.  Once you get past that point – either the negative number gets high enough or there’s not sufficient time to get it back down again – there’s no saving your electoral chances.  The negativity cascades out of control and the general negative consensus is impossible to thwart.

Barack Obama is quickly reaching that point of negative critical mass in Pennsylvania.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Obama with just 42% support in Pennsylvania and an amazing 53% who disapprove of the job he is doing as President.  What’s more shocking, though, is the negative cascade of opinion in the state since the University’s last poll just 2 months ago.  Back in February, Obama’s approval stood at 51%.

Obama took the biggest hit among independent voters, who now disapprove of the President by a 57% to 37% margin.  In February, 50% of independents approved of the failed President.  He’s dropped 13% in just two months among this group.

Democrats need to work hard to lose in Pennsylvania.  It’s really not a swing state anymore. Obama’s hard work destroying the country and pissing away the good will that people felt toward him in 2008 will pay off big for Republicans in 2012.