Obama Let Benghazi Security Slide After June IED Attack

Barack Obama did nothing to increase security at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya after an IED attack in June, leaving the diplomats there wide open to a follow-up attack on September 11 that was aided by local Libyan officials and claimed 4 American lives.

The following is from a State Department briefing that followed the June IED attack, via Ace of Spades HQ, where it was uncovered.

QUESTION: But do you have any concern that this may be – may bode very ill for the future security of Libya? I mean, there seems to be a breakdown in security on all levels.

MR. TONER: On the contrary. As I said, our local guard force acted in exemplary fashion. We believe they were very vigilant in seeing this attack as it was taking place and sounding a warning for our mission staff to seek cover. And as I said, we’ve requested additional security. As to whether this bodes ill or well for – on a larger scale, clearly Libya is in transition. It’s grappling with many different issues, important issues right now. Security is a concern, but one we’re addressing, working productively with the Libyan Government.

So, rather than fortifying the location or bringing in American forces to guard it, Obama’s regime chose to leave it to the local Libyan law enforcement forces that ultimately wound up pointing out the Americans’ hiding place to the attackers, according to CBS News. At most, it sounds as if they may have brought in a couple more turncoat locals.  Ace notes that the grand total of security at the post on the 9/11 anniversary was FOUR LIBYAN GUARDS.

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