Obama Finally Admits He Favors Unnatural “Marriage”

Barack Obama has finally caved to the will of his activist donors and admitted in an interview with ABC News that he is in favor of unnatural “marriage” between same-sex partners.

On a questionnaire in 1996, Obama expressed support for gay “marriage.”  He has been denying his support for unnatural “marriage” since, citing his “Christian faith” as the reason for his opposition.

Obama has faced growing criticism from the left for his opposition to gay “marriage,” and North Carolina’s new constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman seems to have brought the issue to a head.

Gay “marriage” has failed by massive margins every time it has been put to a vote, so this should just about wrap the election up for Mitt Romney.  Glad that’s over.  I was getting nervous.

One thought on “Obama Finally Admits He Favors Unnatural “Marriage”

  1. BucksConservative says:

    Obama is many things, but he is not stupid. This “revelation” was done with a purpose. Candidates typically move towards the center of public opinion as election day draws near. If Obama’s polling sources indicate that a majority of Americans support the concept of homosexual “marriage,” then I fear our country is past the point of no return from the Christian founding values that made our country great.

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