Obama Falls To 35% Approval In Pennsylvania

Failed President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Pennsylvania fell to just 35% in a Muhlenberg College poll conducted from August 11 through August 18.

Even adding the Philadelphia vote fraud factor into that, he still doesn’t get above 40%.  There are very few scenarios in which Obama loses Pennsylvania and is still able to win re-election.  Plus, if he’s a 35% in PA, he’s probably at 30% in more reasonable states like Florida and Ohio.

These numbers are a huge blow to Obama who won the state handily in 2008, and a significant drop in just a few weeks from when Quinnipiac University polled Pennsylvania voters and found the president with 43 percent job approval.

In the Muhlenberg surveys alone, Obama has dropped more than 10 percentage points in less than six months. In March, he held steady with 48 percent. In April 2009, a few months after he started and just after the stimulus bill was passed, Obama was at 61 percent approval in the state.