Obama Embarrasses Self With ‘Big Bird’ Ad

Barack Obama’s teetering campaign has released an advertisement highlighting Mitt Romney’s debate promise to stop borrowing from China to subsidize the highly profitable non-profit Public Broadcasting System.

Let’s see. My opponent makes a campaign promise at a debate in front of 67 million television viewers, who go on to say he won the debate by the highest margin ever recorded. Do I highlight that promise from his winning debate performance? Hmmm.

The YouTube page calls it a “TV” ad, but I would be very surprised if Obama’s campaign chooses to diminish the Presidency by airing it on TV anywhere.

Even Obama’s supporters in the mainstream media are laughing themselves wet over this disasterous move.  Politico calls it “goofy” and “small ball” and lefty NBC News says it’s a prime example of absurdity in politics.

Way to go, Obama.  Thought you couldn’t tank the Presidency further down than your “Slow Jam” bit with Fallon.

The GOP notices that Obama isn’t exactly talking about things important to most Americans.

Obama Sucks