Obama Censorship Squad Hits Pittsburgh’s KDKA

Kevin Miller, a conservative talk show host on Pittsburgh’s KDKA-AM, was given an on-air CBS corporate reprimand Wednesday, read by his executive producer and prompted by listener complaints after Miller dared to interview guests critical of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and express his own negative opinions about the candidate.

In a free-speech chilling move that has become common from the as-yet unelected Obama regime, the station was flooded with calls complaining about Miller’s “statements about Obama.”  The host has interviewed “The Obama Nation” author Jerome Corsi and John Murtagh, a bombing victim of Obama’s terrorist buddy Bill Ayers’ group Weather Underground.

KDKA-AM 1020 host Kevin Miller was silenced when executive producer P.J. Kumanchik read a CBS statement accusing Miller of being unfairly biased against Obama.

“We want to apologize to listeners who have found your show offensive,” Kumanchik said to Miller on the air.


In the interview with Corsi, Miller revealed his personal concerns about efforts to silence Obama critics.

“Well Dr. Corsi, what scares me is, we’ve seen this from the Obama campaign, that they clearly target people such as yourself, talk radio stations – whether it’s WGN or others or people like myself – that speak out,” he said. “And if [Obama is] elected, we’re going to have a different chorus when it comes to discourse in this country.”

The station has offered Barack Obama 3 hours of airtime in the interest of “fairness.” Because Obama is having such a tough time getting a fair shake from the broadcast media.

First Amendment, Second Amendment: Obama’s got no use for them.  Fourth Amendment rights for terrorists in Guantanamo, though, are sacrosanct.

3 thoughts on “Obama Censorship Squad Hits Pittsburgh’s KDKA

  1. Tom M says:

    RE: FAIRNESS DOCTRINE: It is not just the Talk Show Radio that we should be concerned with…

    In my opinion (and others), Comcast has been systematically censoring conservative opinions on their political message boards. If comcast gets tax breaks from local government, then they have both a civic and moral obligation to provide fair and balanced moderation of their message boards. This type of social engineering is an outrage. Please get involved. Silence is consent.

    This is outrageous


    Take action


    or post a strong conservative view here yourself and see what happens


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