“Not Worth Getting Angry About”

Everyone’s making a big deal over Mitt Romney telling Rick Santorum that something was “not worth getting angry about” during last night’s debate in Florida.

People are up in arms under the assumption that Romney was saying socialized medicine was “not worth getting angry about.” Watching the debate, I didn’t get that impression.   I understood Romney, who was under a rather brutal attack by Santorum over Romneycare at the time, was telling himself (i.e. the audience) that what he saw as Santorum’s unfair full of “mistakes” attack on his record was not worth getting angry about.

Now that I have the “socialized medicine is not worth getting angry about” spin in my head, though, I’m not so sure.

On the one hand, it’s hard to believe anyone is stupid enough to say socialized medicine is “not worth getting angry about” during a Republican debate to decide who is going to run against Barack Obama. On the other hand, “I like firing people.”

You be the judge.