No, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Did Not Cut Off Trade With Ireland Over Gay “Marriage”

Low information voters on Facebook and Twitter have been losing their minds all weekend over a rumor that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal cut off “trade relations” with Ireland over that country’s recent decision to legalize gay “marriage.”

bobby-jindalThe rumor originated with alleged humor writer Andy Borowitz, who posted a fake news story to this effect on his Facebook account.

Making up viral lies about potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates has become something of a cottage industry over the last few weeks. ¬†One of the Democrat operatives with a byline makes up a lie, and then the rest of the Democrat operatives repeat it until the low information voter doesn’t even question it.

[T]here is no truth to this story. In addition to the fact that no legitimate news outlets have covered Governor Bobby Jindal’s alleged decision to cut off trade relations with Ireland, the nature of Mr. Borowitz’s articles can be determined by looking at subjects he has previously essayed, which include fact-resistant humans, China’s buying Texas, and Tom Brady’s mandatory season with the New York Jets.

I’m waiting for all the “satirical” stories about Hillary Clinton that somehow make their way into mainstream consciousness. This is a dedicated effort to smear these candidates, make no mistake.