No, KFC Didn’t Eject A 76-Year-Old Woman For Breastfeeding Her 42-Year-Old Son

A hoax story about a fictional 76-year-old woman named Linda Berrety being ejected from KFC for breastfeeding her fictional 42-year-old son Michael has been making the rounds.


Snopes confirms that the story is a hoax, originating at an Onion-wannabe site called

Honestly, it wasn’t even that convincing of a hoax.

Mississippi – A 76-year-old woman has created controversy yesterday, by breastfeeding her 42-year-old son in the middle of a KFC restaurant. Many customers of the fast food joint would of complained about the incident and prompted Linda Berrety and her son, Michael, to leave the establishment. Both finally got expelled.


“What in God’s name was that?” claims Ali Belfouz, a customer who witnessed the whole scene. “I have nothing against breastfeeding, but that was pure nonsense. I felt like if I was watching some fetish type of porno. You have to be insane to breastfeed your child at that age. They should of got arrested for gross indecency rather then getting expelled.”

This paragraph reads like was written by an adolescent.

The chances of winning of the 76-year-old woman would be pretty excellent, according to many legal experts. Since 1976, the United States Bill of Rights prevents all discrimination against women breastfeeding in public, that at many occasions, merchants were condemned to pay important fines to women who were asked to stop breastfeeding or expelled for doing so.

Pretty sure the United States Bill of Rights (since 1976!!) doesn’t address breastfeeding.

Snopes concludes

Aside from the outlandishness and implausibility of the article’s subject matter, several aspects of the story should have given readers pause to suspect it was not on the up-and-up, including the lack of any specific information about where the alleged incident took place (beyond a single mention of Mississippi in the dateline), the stilted phrasing, and the unjournalistic use of slang (e.g., “the chances of winning of the 76-year-old woman would be pretty excellent, according to many legal experts”).