No, David Duke Does Not Endorse Donald Trump and, Yes, Trump Has Disavowed Him Anyway

Today’s media manufactured outrage against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is an alleged endorsement by a white nationalist named David Duke who only people out to “gotcha” Republican candidates have thought about for 20 years.  Apparently, although Trump has disavowed Duke – who hasn’t actually endorsed Trump – twice since August, that’s not enough or something.

This is an age-old media game against Republicans.  Get a guy to talk and talk, over and over again, about all the “bad people” who support him so the public associates those “bad people” with the candidate.  Republicans used to fall for this all the time.  Trump doesn’t.  And, coincidentally, Democrats never have to answer for their “crazies.” Ever.

Wake me up when Trump invites the guy on stage or gives him a cabinet post.  Making a candidate (always Republican) apologize for supporters he doesn’t know is the ultimate in sleaze.  It could go on forever and, if you’re going to play into it, it will, because they will never stop turning over rocks to find people to throw in your face.

First, as Marco Rubio would say, “Let’s dispel with this fiction that David Duke has endorsed Donald Trump.”

Here’s what David Duke said about Donald Trump on his February 25 radio show:

I’m not saying I endorse everything about Trump, in fact I haven’t formally endorsed him.

Now Duke did urge his radio listeners to go volunteer for Trump at the same time, but, unless you’re the “gotcha” media, it’s kind of hard to paint a guy saying “I haven’t endorsed him” as having actually endorsed him.

Here’s what Duke had to say about Trump in August:

“I’m not endorsing Donald Trump,” Duke said. “I believe that the discussion on the immigration issue is a legitimate discussion. It’s a good thing.”

“I have not endorsed [Trump] either informally or formally, but I do endorse the [immigration] conversation,” Duke added. “And I appreciate the fact that these issues are being raised.”

“Trump has made it very clear that he’s 1,000 percent dedicated to Israel, so how much is left over for America?” Duke asked.

“This is the reason why I have not endorsed Donald Trump, because I really have to evaluate these things,” Duke said. “But I really think the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are completely under the sway of the Zionists who are ultimately damaging America and damaging the world.”

Here’s Donald Trump disavowing David Duke in August:

Trump was asked Wednesday about Duke’s praise, and he distanced himself from the white supremacist.

“I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg News on Wednesday. “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.”

When he was asked whether he would flat-out reject Duke’s support, Trump replied, “Sure, I would if that would make you feel better.”

He wasn’t surprised by Duke’s kind words, however.

“A lot of people like me,” Trump explained. “Republicans like me, liberals like me. Everybody likes me.”

Here’s Donald Trump disavowing David Duke on Friday after the radio show comments:

And, for good measure, here’s Donald Trump to Matt Lauer on resigning from the Reform Party because David Duke joined it in 2000.

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