NJ Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced that he is backing businessman Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination.

chris-christieThe Governor and Trump held a joint press conference earlier this afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas.

“First is that Donald and I along with Melania and Mary Pat have been friends for over a decade. He has been a good and loyal friend to our family,” Christie said. “Secondly, I’ve been on that stage. I’ve gotten to know all the people on that stage. And there is no one who is better prepared to provide America with strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than Donald Trump.”

Now the Governor’s audition begins.  Take down Little Marco, and he’s got a good shot at VP.

I’ve long believed that Trump has the right instincts on policy, and that his main problem is that he doesn’t yet speak the language of politics.  So when things like Anderson Cooper combining a question about preconditions with a question about the individual mandate happen, Trump very easily misspeaks and says that he “likes the mandate” when what he really means to say is “I like that they have to cover preconditions.”  Although he doesn’t like the individual mandate, he also hasn’t spent the last 5 years talking about “the mandate” in shorthand every day like the politicians and press and all of us have because he’s been doing other things like making billions of dollars.  So he assumes “the mandate” is “the mandate to cover preconditions.”

Some of that is also that Trump always assumes he knows everything, which is a bit of a problem, but not uncommon for a politician.

My point is that Christie will help with that. It’ll be good to have a quick minded prosecutor who is versed in political lingo on the team.

My one regret is that I’ll have to retire this image.