Newt Gingrich: Yeah, I Lied About Rebuttal Testimonials To ABC Interview

Newt Gingrich’s campaign has admitted that his repeated claims to have offered ABC many friends who could rebut the incendiary accusations his second ex-wife made in an interview with the network were lies.

The campaign now acknowledges that the only rebuttal testimonials offered to ABC were his two daughters from his marriage to his first ex-wife.  The network aired sections of the interview with the daughters during the original piece featuring the second ex-wife.

Gingrich made the claim most famously during the CNN debate that took place earlier in the same evening the ABC report aired.  This claim was part of a fiery response to a question about the second ex-wife’s claims posed by moderator John King.  This response is credited with providing Gingrich the momentum he needed to win the South Carolina primary a few days later.

The guy’s been useful in articulating conservativism in front of a national audience during the debates and pushing Romney to the right, but no one seriously believes he will be the nominee (at least I hope not), and he’s proving to be the liability to the cause that he’s been – with the exception of about three weeks in 1994 – his entire career. This should end him, right?  I mean, the thing that rocketed him into first place in South Carolina was based on a lie.  How can this not end him?

“Tonight, after persistent questioning by our staff, the Gingrich campaign concedes now Speaker Gingrich was wrong — both in his debate answer, and in our interview yesterday,” King said on tonight’s edition of John King USA. “Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond says the only people the Gingrich campaign offered to ABC were his two daughters from his first marriage.”