New Video Shows Reporter Not Being Assaulted At Trump Rally

A clear, unobstructed video of the moment last Tuesday when Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields says she was assaulted by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski  shows the reporter being gently moved out of the way after Trump has passed.

The incident, which occurred after a Trump press conference in Jupiter, Florida,  has been described as “assault” and “battery” by Fields, some of her bosses at Breitbart, and supporters of Trump’s rivals for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination.  Fields has claimed that Lewandowski was “grabbing [her] down.”  Fields filed a police report several days after the incident,

However, an unobstructed view of the incident reveals Lewandowski – or someone who looks like him from behind – simply moving Fields out of the way so he can stay with Trump’s entourage after the candidate had completely passed her.  Anyone who has been at a crowded bar has been moved out of the way more forcefully by someone trying to belly up.

The video was posted to Twitter.

Fields has previously claimed that she was tuned up with a baton by police at a 2011 Occupy protest and accosted by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane at a gas station. After initially coming out strongly behind Fields, Breitbart has gone mostly silent.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube version in case the Twitter embed doesn’t work for you.