New Henry Cavill Superman Costume Is Dismal

Pictures of Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming franchise reboot, called Man of Steel, have been released on the internet.

Wow.  Take an iconic image that everyone everywhere has been able to identify for the past 70 years and change it.  Brilliant move.

This is a disaster.  I’m not really a comic book guy, but I have always been a Superman fan.  Here’s a hint: Stop screwing around with the costume. The costume is not the problem with the movies. The problem with the movies has always been that they do not spend one second exploring the relationship between Clark Kent and Superman.  The story is how this guy, who was raised as a normal kid and suddenly developed these powers, integrates his abilities into his life.

Clark Kent is a normal guy.  Superman is what he can do.  In the movies, it’s always Clark Kent is a normal guy, then he decides to be Superman, then he decides Clark Kent needs to be a douche bag.

You can only do “flying and burning shit with his eyes” so much.  Eventually, you have to tell a human story.  Or, I guess, you could just turn Superman into not-Superman and hope for the best.

Hollywood geriatric Amy Adams is set to play Lois Lane to 28-year old British Cavill’s Superman in this December 2012 release.