Murphy Hoards Rangel Cash

Democrat Congressman Patrick “Patlosi” Murphy continues to hoard the campaign money given to him by disgraced Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel, who was charged with multiple ethical violations last week, even as fellow PA Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper has announced she will be donating her tainted Rangel money to charity.

Like his “political role model” John Murtha, the stink of corruption doesn’t bother Murphy much as long as those dollars keep rolling in.

Murphy’s Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick sees a pattern.

“Murphy has yet to account for other tainted contributions including those from Coherent Systems and Kuchera Industries employees and their spouses totaling $21,400,” said Fitzpatrick.

The President of Coherent Systems was convicted of bribery for a $2.4M Federal appropriation he received via Congressman Murphy while Kuchera is under investigation as part of the scheme.

After a lot of pressure, Dahlkemper’s tainted Rangel money is going to local charities.

Dahlkemper is donating $4,000 to each of Erie’s three neighborhood centers — the Martin Luther King Center, 312 Chestnut St.; the John F. Kennedy Center, 2010 E. 20th St.,; and the Booker T. Washington Center, 1720 Holland St. — and $2,000 to the Urban Erie Community Development Corp., 1001 State St.

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  1. FireMurphy says:

    This is interesting given that the Congressman says in this video, when asked directly about the dirty Rangel money, that he did indeed return the money. Could it be that Patlosi is lied?

  2. FireMurphy says:

    Video link didn’t post. It’s here:

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