MSNBC Pushes Another Deceptively Edited Clip

It looks like MSNBC is at it again; deceptively editing videotape to suit their far-left agenda and support of failed President Barack Obama.

They all, including “Republican” Joe Scarborough, got a good chuckle about an Ohio Romney / Ryan rally video clip that seemed to show Mitt Romney vainly adding his own name to the crowd’s spontaneous “Ryan” chant.

But many of the rally’s attendees say the exact opposite happened. After Ryan introduced Romney to the crowd, the crowd started chanting “Romney,” and Romney added “Ryan” to the chant. Un-doctored video of the event from C-SPAN backs up this version of events. The crowd is clearly chanting “Romney” to which Romney replies “Romney / Ryan, Romney / Ryan, Romney / Ryan”

“I … [was] near the front of the crowd and Paul Ryan had just finished speaking,” Michele Jewett of Carlisle, Ohio, told TheBlaze in an email.

“He introduced Governor Romney and handed the microphone to him. Gov. Romney said, ‘What about that Paul Ryan’ and the crowd immediately started chanting, ‘Romney, Romney‘ not ’Ryan, Ryan’ like the closed captioning on the MSNBC video stated,” she adds.

Indeed, the MSNBC closed captions claims the was crowd chanting “Ryan!“ when attendees say they were actually chanting ”Romney!” Obviously, this changes a lot about the situation. Instead of awkwardly inserting his name into what sounds like a failed chant, Gov. Romney was actually including his running mate in a crowd chant of his own name.

“Mitt said, ‘Let’s try this, Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan, I like that better!‘ Jewett’s email continues. “I thought to myself ‘what a humble guy to include Ryan in our chant.’”

The MSNBC clip features doctored audio, with the crowd sound being lowered so as to be inaudible. Then, the leftist MSNBC hosts like Ed Schultz and Scarborough fill in the blanks with a lie.

Think about it, though. Is anyone stupid enough to add their own name to someone else’s chant of someone else’s name? Could a self-made business billionaire be that stupid?

UPDATE: Need more proof? A reporter at the left-wing site Politico was live-tweeting the event:

Here is what MSNBC reported.

Visit for doctored video and other lies that help liberals

Here is the un-doctored video from C-SPAN.

3 thoughts on “MSNBC Pushes Another Deceptively Edited Clip

  1. Flnurse says:

    What is with the two,completely different backgrounds?? No on is talking about that!!

  2. Grafton Reed says:

    I don’t really notice any difference in the two videos other than different camera angles.

    • Steven says:

      The difference is that no one turned down the volume on the crowd in the C-SPAN clip, so you can clearly hear cheers of “Romney” and “Ryan” that Romney tries to unify as “Romney/Ryan” and no one in the C-SPAN clip put “Ryan! Ryan!” to train your ear only to hear “Ryan” as they did in the MSNBC clip from the left-wing web site.

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