Michelle Obama Falls Asleep During Ted Kennedy’s Funeral [Video]

The always classy Michelle Obama, exhausted from her Martha’s Vineyard vacation, can’t keep her eyes open during the Homily at the funeral of Senator Ted Kennedy. Don’t give her too much grief, though. It’s really not her fault. Reverend Mark Hession isn’t half the public speaker that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is, and hardly anyone in the room damned America.

11 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Falls Asleep During Ted Kennedy’s Funeral [Video]

  1. qwertyuiop says:

    Closing ones eyes during a reading in church is not unusual. I feel most services are to boring by the clergy it is in my excuse a chance to meditate.

  2. Tricia says:

    Did you see the Obama’s reaction to the incense at the church yesterday?

    • dessertgirl says:

      [Comment Deleted For Going After An Obama Daughter – Feel Free To Resubmit Your Other Comments, but Leave the Children Out Of It]

  3. maryk says:

    Michelle put her fingers under her nose as if she smelled shit. Her thoughts must have been this smell stick. Her behaviour was a bit uncouth to say the least.

  4. Brenda says:

    The incense can be a bit overwhelming at times. They were standing very close to the clergy. I often have to cough or gently place a finger to my nose as well and I am around it all the time. As far as the first lady falling asleep … They were on vacation! Don’t you wear yourself out on vacation? Plus I think it is disrespectful to place such images on the internet.

    • Steven says:

      Wouldn’t want to be “disrespectful” to such American royalty, right. After all, for the first time in her adult lifetime she’s finally proud of her country.

  5. […] so tired from her Martha’s Vineyard vacation can’t keep her eyes open, courtesy of Buck’s Right. (Let’s see how long it is before its mysteriously pulled from Youtube for Copyright reasons) […]

  6. Spencer says:

    Nice try! She did not fall asleep. I waited for the head nod, but it did not happen – that is the physical sign that someone is actually falling asleep. She’s probably just taking it in.

    • Steven says:

      Yes, I’m sure she’s just taking it in with quiet contemplation, very similar to the way she worshiped at Trinity United for 20+ years.

  7. Carolyn Y. Timmons says:

    It doesn’t appear as if Mrs. Obama was asleep, but rather in deep thought. Please get accustomed to the fact that your president and first lady are African American, and there is nothing that you can do about it! Get use to it!

    • Steven says:

      For the purpose of this reply, I’m going to assume you meant “get used to it.”

      You know, using the term “racist” or an accusation of racism where it clearly doesn’t apply risks removing all meaning from the word. Not every criticism of this idiot or his idiot wife is based on race.

      One could ask if defining Obama, and criticism of Obama, solely based on race is in and of itself racist. I see him as primarily a Socialist with hardcore radical Socialist ties.

      Your comment, on the other hand, defines Obama primarily by race. I see him as much more than that. I’m forced to ask, who is the more narrow-minded and bigoted between us?

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