Michelle Fields And Ben Shapiro Resign Breitbart

Michelle Fields, who still claims she was roughly manhandled by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski despite video evidence to the contrary, has resigned from Breitbart news, taking with her the site’s anti-Trump editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.

Fields claimed that Lewandowski grabbed her arm and almost dragged her to the ground Tuesday night as Trump was leaving his press conference in Jupiter, Florida.  Breitbart began to back away from Fields as evidence that she was exaggerating her story began to come to light at the end of last week. Fields and Shapiro cite the organizations failure to stand by her as evidence contrary to her story mounted as the reason for their departure. Definitive video showing that Lewandowski gently moved Fields out of his way as he attempted to stay with the Trump entourage emerged on Sunday.

The exodus, which began with the company’s spokesman Kurt Bardella, is unlikely to end with Fields and Shapiro. Three sources say multiple staffers are searching for a way out of the company — with several actively circulating résumés, according to two sources — and more resignations could follow in the coming days and weeks. The company is known for having editorial employees sign unusually strict contracts, at least some of which include non-compete clauses that could make it difficult to leave Breitbart for another news outlet.

The video that shows an unobstructed view of Tuesday night’s events was released on Sunday morning, thwarting what has appeared to be Shapiro’s singular effort over the past few months to find any small thing to take Trump down.

Fields thought her hurt feelings should have been part of last week’s Republican debate.