Mentally Ill Former Actress Judd: I’ve Been Raped Twice, So I Can Handle Mitch

Democrat Ashley Judd, who was an actress in the 1990s, either is or isn’t preparing a 2014 challenge against Republican Mitch McConnell for his seat in the US Senate.  Seems it depends on which day you ask.

Judd, an abortion enthusiast who recently dropped her husband and reportedly suffers from a variety of mental illnesses, recently told a group of supporters “I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.”

Raising the level of discourse, one crap ass movie at a time.

Judd told one close ally that she plans to announce her run for the Democratic nomination for the 2014 race “around Derby” — meaning in early May when the Kentucky Derby brings national attention to Louisville and the Bluegrass State.

Reached for comment by email Saturday, Judd offered a not-quite-ironclad denial to The Huffington Post. “I am not sure who is saying this stuff, but it is not I! I’d prefer as a fan of your journalism that you stay accurate and credible. We told everyone who called us yesterday these stories are fabrications.”

But she declined to specify which “stories,” did not say what wasn’t “accurate,” and did not respond when asked directly whether she had, in fact, decided to run or chosen a time to declare her intentions.

Wow – vacillating wildly between two seeming polar opposites? How unexpected.