Marvel’s Iceman Coming Out As Gay

Mashable reports that Iceman, a character in Marvel’s X-Men comics, will be outed as gay in an upcoming issue.  Because it’s important for media aimed at little kids to thoroughly examine all facets of sexuality, or something, I guess.


Once you get beyond Spider-Man, don’t most readers pretty much go into any Marvel comic assuming all of the characters are at least a little gay?  Having one come out and say it seems redundant.

Anyway, in this iteration of X-Men it seems that the characters are time-traveling teen versions of themselves, which makes all this expressed sexuality all the more creepy.

Who is the intended audience for this? Basically, they’re either forcing sexual topics on comic book reading little kids or sexualizing teenagers for the sake of creepy comic book reading millennial shut-ins.

In issue No. 40, Iceman — a.k.a. Bobby Drake — is “outed” by his fellow X-Man, Jean Grey, after making some lewd comments about their teacher. The pages were leaked ahead of the book’s release when a user uploaded them to 4chan:

Iceman’s sexuality has been debated by fans for years. He has had several failed relationships with female mutants, including Kitty Pryde and Mystique, but this may be the first time the superhero has actually said the words out loud. (“Bobby, you’re gay,” Jean Grey says, and he agrees.)

A least the artwork looks like it was done by a color blind 8-year-old. So there’s that.