Lower Southampton Man Stabbed In Face Confronting Vandals

A Lower Southampton man was stabbed in the face after chasing down a group that had vandalized his mailbox.

The vandalism took place at 3AM overnight Friday into Saturday one block from the police station. This is how comfortable these gangs of kids are as a result of police looking the other way as they have terrorized suburban communities for at least a year. The list of arson fires, car break-ins and vandalism is long, and arrests are hardly, if ever, made. Have patrols even been increased? Maybe now that someone has gotten hurt, they will be.

One good thing has come of this incident: Information. We now know these roving gangs of vandals are armed and are eager to use their weapons. All methods of self-defense are now on the table. You would be a fool not to feel physically threatened by a group that you know would stab you if you came upon them in the course of their bad deeds.

The man told police his wife woke him around 2:45 a.m. Saturday when she saw four juveniles damaging the mailbox at their home in the 1600 block of Anna Drive.

The man got into his pickup truck and drove after the juveniles, catching up with them in the 1700 block of Anna Drive, police said.

When the man confronted the teens, one of them dropped a blue hoodie sweatshirt and prescription eye glasses, police said. He then hit the man in the face with a sharp instrument — possibly a knife, cutting the left side of his face.