Loser Smerconish Out At 1210 WPHT-AM

Sniveling Obama supporting liberal loser Michael Smerconish says he’s leaving broadcast radio and moving what’s left of his “radio show” to a small channel called POTUS on the SiriusXM satellite service as of April 15.

Smerconish tried to get out in front of the story, painting the move as voluntary in an interview with the AP, but WPHT’s ratings have been plummeting since they dropped popular conservative syndicated hosts in favor of bland locals in a “Live and Local” suicide mission.  I can’t imagine anyone with any sort of choice in the matter willingly giving up broadcasting over 80 normal radio stations in order to move to a satellite channel that is barely listened to even by SiriusXM standards.

Good riddance you MSNBC wannabe.  Of course, he can’t resist trashing his audience and coddling his president on the way out, because that’s what douche bags do.

An excerpt from Smerconish’s upcoming release tentatively titled “Why I Am A Big Fat Failure”

“It gives me the opportunity to move away from an environment that, quite frankly, is not conducive to the type of program I’m offering,” he said. “I don’t do ideologically-driven talk, I do content-driven talk. I’m not on the air to carry anybody’s water on a day-to-day basis.”

Most of the conservative talk show hosts bash President Barack Obama for four hours a day, whether the president deserves it or not, Smerconish said.

Talk radio is a place where incivility is the norm, and program directors haven’t responded to his warning that their audiences are getting “too white, too male, too angry and too old” to promote future growth. He said he believes that talk radio contributes to gridlock in Washington.

WPHT’s ratings have been in a free fall since FM talk outlet WWIQ picked up the syndicated powerhouses that WPHT dropped.  WPHT had a 3 share in April 2012.  Now, they have a 1.8 share.  WWIQ, which didn’t exist in April 2012, now has a 2.5 share.

Will WPHT attempt to rebuild with hosts their audience may actually enjoy, or will they continue their Kamikaze mission?

One thought on “Loser Smerconish Out At 1210 WPHT-AM

  1. righton says:

    How funny!
    Smerconish painted a picture of himself in describing the WPHT audience, didn’t he?

    He impaled himself on his own sword. No excuses.

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