Limbaugh Picks Up Sponsor “Inspired by Andrew Breitbart”

As the left’s Rush Limbaugh advertiser boycott dies down, at least one sponsor has decided to advertise on the show specifically to combat the left’s assault on Limbaugh’s free speech.

After making comical comments about a 30-year old far-left activist who lobbied Congress for free birth control, Limbaugh lost a handful of national sponsors, some of which have already begged to come back, along with a small fraction of the tens of thousands local sponsors who advertise during the show in 600 markets.

One Tennessee company, however,  decided to begin advertising during Limbaugh’s radio show on Knoxville’s WOKI in response to the left’s phony outrage over the host’s tepid comments.  The company is Window Wiz, and the company’s owner says he was inspired to support Limbaugh with his advertising dollars “by the boldness with which Andrew Breitbart lived his life.”

Breitbart was a conservative writer, entrepreneur and activist who died earlier this month.

Here is the Window Wiz radio ad.

I’m sure the “tolerant left” will now dig through this guy’s garbage, hack his email and begin harassing his kids, because to the left the antidote to speech you don’t like is intimidation and scumbaggery.