Liberals Duped By (Another) Hate Crime Hoax

Just like they did when Bill Sparkman scrawled “Fed” upside-down on his own chest and hanged himself with his feet touching the ground in the Kentucky woods as part of an insurance scam, liberals early this week were quick to jump on a reported hate crime that didn’t happen to make a point against conservatives that doesn’t exist.

This time, the political poster child / “victim” was 20 year old black Louisiana woman Sharmeka Moffitt, who claimed she was burned alive in a park by men wearing white hoodies who also wrote racial slurs and “KKK” on her car.

Before long, the liberal echo chamber had created an entire movement around the woman, embellishing her made up story to include details like an Obama tee-shirt she wasn’t actually wearing and the rape she didn’t actually endure.

Liberals are so quick to fall for these hoaxes because their entire ideology centers on their own belief that they are morally and intellectually superior to those who would dare disagree with them. Their identity depends on it. Any bad thing that happens in the world must be the work of their political adversaries because we don’t just disagree with them, we are also stupid and evil.

I’m telling you, the liberals went nuts on this. This was the hill they were going to fly their “racist teabagger” flag on all the way up until election day.

By the end of the day, the obvious hoax was exposed. Moffitt had burned herself up, and the slurs on her car were written in toothpaste that contained her own DNA.

After analyzing the evidence at the State Police Crime Lab, it was discovered Moffitt’s fingerprints were on the cigarette lighter and the lighter fluid recovered near the wooded area around the crime scene.

“There is more physical evidence along those lines that back this up,” Thomas said.

At a news conference held at LSU Medical Center on Monday evening, Moffitt’s mother, Edna Moffitt said her daughter was in critical condition with third-degree burns on her arms and other areas and would undergo surgery Tuesday.

False rumors regarding the incident were spread on various social media outlets Sunday night just hours after the incident took place. On many of the Twitter and Facebook posts, users speculated the attack was a hate crime and Moffitt was attacked for wearing a President Obama t-shirt when she was “raped and burned alive”.

Moffitt’s mother and Thomas confirmed Monday that the Obama T-shirt rumor was false and there was no evidence of sexual assault.

A racial slur and the letters, KKK, that were written in toothpaste on Moffitt’s vehicle were linked to female DNA, authorities said.

“All of the evidence is pointing back to the victim inflicting this upon herself,” Thomas said. “No evidence has shown any other person was involved.”

Now, of course, those who were using the “tragedy” of Moffitt’s “experience” as a political battering ram against the right just want this woman to have a little privacy.