Liberal Loudmouth Anthony Weiner In A Memorial Day Pickle

While you were enjoying your holiday weekend and memorializing America’s fallen troops, Twitter and a subsection of the blogosphere were melting down over allegations that married NY Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner accidentally publicly tweeted a semi-obscene picture of his erect wang constrained by underpants to a busty Seattle co-ed.

Breitbart’s Big Government web site broke the story far and wide after it had been simmering on Twitter for a few hours.  The semi-obscene picture was discovered and screen-captured by Dan Wolfe, who goes by the handle PatriotUsa76 on Twitter.

I was reluctant to post the picture in the main article here, as it is vaguely not safe for work.  You can view the screen capture of the swollen member posted to Anthony Weiner’s account here.

Weiner says the wiener picture that put him in a pickle was sent as a result of his Facebook, Twitter and YFrog picture accounts somehow simultaneously being hacked, an unlikely scenario that becomes even more implausible when you realize that Weiner had access to his Twitter account during the entire incident, tweeting messages right before and after the alleged hacking.

Consensus among the skeptical is that Weiner intended to privately Direct Message the picture to the co-ed, Gennette Cordova (below, right), who had one of only a handful of accounts the Congressman “followed,” but accidentally posted it to his public profile instead.

For reference, Direct Messages are Twitter’s version of private email, and can only be shared among two users who mutually follow each others’ accounts.

Right after the message was discovered, the co-ed’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were deleted.  Strangely, although still under the control the hacker according to Weiner’s statement, the offending tweet and all of the photos in Weiner’s YFrog account were also immediately deleted.  Polite hacker, that one.

There is no indication that Weiner has reached out to law enforcement to report the alleged hacking, which you would expect the actual victim of a hacking to do considering it would appear to be a federal crime.

His spokespeople also say he has “no connection” to Cordova, but did not explain why hers was one of only 91 Twitter accounts followed by the Congressman.  Interestingly, an earlier tweet on the Congressman’s account referenced the time of day when one of his television appearances would be broadcast in Seattle, where Cordova lives.  Cordova later “Retweeted” the Congressman’s reference to the Seattle air-time to her own followers, as if it was intended for her information.  No one in the Weiner camp has explained why, if the information was not meant for Cordova, a New York Congressman would make a specific point to note when his appearance would air in Seattle Washington.

Weiner might as well issue a statement that reads, “I did not have digital relations with that woman, Miss Cordova.”  It looks that bad.

Others among the 91 accounts the Congressman followed on Twitter include porn star Ginger Lee (above, left) and a female high school student, both of whom claim to have shared Direct Messages or had otherwise private conversations with the Congressman.

Cordova issued a statement late Sunday afternoon in which she denied being Weiner’s mistress, something that was never alleged, and claimed that the two never shared “any inappropriate exchanges” without explaining what she would consider “inappropriate” or whether there were “appropriate” exchanges. Cordova claims she never received the picture as she was not online when the picture was sent and it was deleted by the time she returned to Twitter.

Traditional media has yet to pick up on the story except so far as to give Weiner cover.  The New York Times published a story on the indecent incident an hour ago, seeming decidedly non-curious about the overwhelming number of coincidences that have to be true in order for Weiner’s story to be correct and pretty much parroting his statement.