Labor Force Participation At Lowest In 30 Years

Fudged statistics allowed the failed Obama Administration’s BS, sorry BLS, to drop the April unemployment rate by 0.1% to 8.1% even though only 115,000 people found jobs during the month.

522,000 people were dropped from the labor force during the month – more than a half-million non-working people no longer counted against the unemployment rate – in order to shrink the universe of workers.

The labor force participation rate, the percentage of working age people out there either working or available to work, dropped to 64.3%.  This is the lowest in 30 years.

According to the Obama administration, there are currently 88,419,000 adults in America who are not working.

Why aren’t Republicans, specifically Mitt Romney, out there hammering this election year manipulation of the data?

And, speaking of those 115,000 jobs, 49,000 were in retail (29,000) and leisure/hospitality (20,000).  Sounds like some high quality long-term careers being built out there.  Dollar Stores, McDonalds and bars must be booming.

Strangely, manufacturing jobs were up by 16,000, but transportation and warehousing jobs were down by 17,000.  I guess a lot of stuff is being manufactured that doesn’t need to be transported or stored anywhere. Makes total sense.