LA Schools Settle 3rd Grade Semen “Tasting Game” Claims

Los Angeles public school students who say they were spoon-fed semen by their 3rd grade teacher as a “tasting game” will each be paid $470,000 in a settlement reached Tuesday.

Home schooling not looking so odd now, is it?

This allegedly went on for 5 years.

The allegations against [3rd Grade teacher Mark] Berndt came to light when a drugstore photo technician noticed dozens of odd photos of blindfolded children and reported them to authorities. Investigators said they discovered a plastic spoon in Berndt’s classroom trash bin that was found to contain traces of semen.

[Raymond] Boucher, who represents 13 of the 58 students in the settlement, said proving some of the claims would have been a problem at trial.

Some children did not have photographs of themselves eating the cookies laced with a milky white substance, or of being fed spoonfuls of it, he said.

In addition, there was no way to prove the substance in photos was semen, he added.