Kamikaze Radio 1210 WPHT-AM Sees Self-Inflicted Ratings Plunge

The “Live and Local” suicide mission at 1210 WPHT-AM seems to be working if June’s radio ratings are any indication.

After the station jettisoned two of it’s most popular hosts – Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity – and installed a stable of no-names in their places, WPHT-AM has seen a stunning ratings drop from April to May. The Phillies’ disastrous season probably isn’t helping, either.

Rush Limbaugh wasn’t able to pull his program from the doomed station until late June, so that nail in the station’s coffin isn’t reflected in the numbers. Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Mark Levin can all be heard on the new 106.9 WWIQ-FM, which apparently does not yet subscribe to the Arbitron radio ratings.

The station’s Cume, the cumulative number of people assumed to be tuned into the station over the period, fell from 543,900 in May to 507,600 in June, a 7% drop. The AQH, the percentage of all active radios in the market estimated to be tuned to the station in the average quarter hour, fell from April’s 3.0% to 2.6% in May.

WPHT-AM was the #15 station in the market in May and fell to #18 in June. The #1 station in the market is WOGL-FM, followed by WBEB-FM (B 101).

One thought on “Kamikaze Radio 1210 WPHT-AM Sees Self-Inflicted Ratings Plunge

  1. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    And this surprises who? It’s fitting actually. If WWIQ takes off WPHT will be gone sometime over the next few years. SmercRadio just doesn’t sell, even in liberal Philadelphia.

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