Just Another Day In The Arab Spring

How’s the Obama-sanctioned “Arab Spring” working out for you? Not so fantastic if you’re Israel, which was supposed to be our closest ally in the region last time I checked.

Now that Obama helped kick out the dictators who could at least be reasoned with, hard-line Islamists have filled the void.

(Reuters) – Egyptian activists destroyed a wall around the Israeli embassy and set police cars on fire in Cairo on Friday after thousands demonstrated at Tahrir Square to push for a timetable for reforms and an end to military trials for civilians.


Demonstrators used hammers, large iron bars and police barricades to tear down the wall, erected this month by Egyptian authorities after daily protests over the killing of five Egyptian border guards in Sinai.

Protesters scaled the embassy building, removed the Israeli flag for the second time in less than a month and burned it.


Egyptian police stood aside as activists tore down the concrete wall to the cheers of hundreds of demonstrators.

“It is great that Egyptians say they will do something and actually do it,” Egyptian film director and activist Khaled Youssef said, standing among the protesters outside the embassy.

Wisconsin union activists called to say “ur doin it rite!”