Joe Wilson Vindicated: Obama Did Lie, Obamacare Covers Illegal Aliens

Barack Obama addressed Congress and the nation on September 9, 2009 to push his socialized medicine scheme that would later become known as Obamacare.

During this speech, Obama claimed that anyone saying his socialized medicine scheme would cover illegal aliens was spreading falsehoods. At that point, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson had heard enough of Obama’s lies and shouted “You Lie.”

Fast forward nearly two years, and Joe Wilson is vindicated. ObamaCare will cover illegal aliens.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on Tuesday that it has awarded $28.8 million to 67 community health centers with funds from the Obamacare health reform law.

Of that $28.8 million, “approximately $8.5 million will be used by 25 New Access Point awardees to target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers,” Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Spokeswoman Judy Andrews told HRSA is a part of HHS.

Andrews said that grant recipients will not check the immigration status of people seeking services.

“Health centers do not, as a matter of routine practice, ask about or collect data on citizenship or other matters not related to the treatment needs of the patients seeking health services at the center,” Andrews said.

Further, the grant recipients are required to serve “all residents” who walk through their doors.

Wilson called the White House to apologize for his outburst. Will the White House apologize to the nation for Obama’s lie that prompted Wilson’s outburst?

Joe Wilson’s truth telling moment: