Joe Sopic Decided Against Insuring His Wife At New Job

Joe Sopic, the laid-off steel worker who publicly blamed Mitt Romney for his wife’s 2006 death after a company Bain Capital owned went bankrupt years after Romney left Bain, chose not to insure his wife at his next job as a custodian.

Sopic, who appeared on an Obama campaign conference call and in an Obama campaign commercial earlier this year, then in a television commercial produced by the pro-Obama Super-PAC Priorities USA this month, implied that losing his insurance after being laid off from GSA Steel caused his wife’s death.

Bain bought GSA Steel in 1993. Romney left Bain to work on the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 1999. The plant closed in 2001. Sopic’s wife Ilyona had insurance through her own employer until at least a year after Sopic lost his job. She was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2006. Sopic now says he doesn’t blame Romney for his wife’s death. That not what the Obama ad says, and it’s not what he said on the conference call.

This morning, we’ve learned that Sopic decided to pay other bills rather than purchase health insurance, a decision that would get him fined under Obamacare.

Mr. Soptic said that after he lost his job, he found work as a school custodian about six months later and had the option to put her on his insurance plan. But he opted not to, he said, because he could not afford the more than $350 monthly premium on the $25,000 salary he was making, on top of paying his mortgage and a daughter’s college tuition. Ilyona Soptic was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and died that year.

$350? How much was the payment for your car or cars? How much is your cable bill? How much is your cell phone bill. Your daughter couldn’t have deferred a year or gotten a job and paid $350 a month of her own way? Now it’s everyone else’s fault, especially a guy who had already moved on?

People make bad decisions like this all the time. You look back and regret them. You wish you could change them. You sometimes even blame other people for them. Those things don’t make Sopic a villain.  However, it takes a special kind of scumbag like Barack Obama, Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter and Priorities USA strategist Bill Burton, to exploit those confused feelings for political gain.

Cutter says that the campaign and Priorities USA did not coordinate pushing this guy’s misleading and questionable story, but he’s wearing the same shirt in both television ads. Cutter now says she doesn’t know the specifics of his story, even though she led a conference call where he told the story a few months ago. These people are lying, vicious, dirty scumbags.