Jim Bunning: American Hero

I love how the AP is practically peeing themselves in attempting report how Senator Jim Bunning is holding up the “extension of unemployment benefits” without ever explaining why.

Bunning is holding up the bill to hold Congress’ feet to the fire for passing a sham “PayGo” bill, requiring that all new spending be paid for with other spending cuts or revenue gains, without ever intending to pay for entitlement programs as they went.

The Kentucky Republican objected Tuesday to a request by Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a fellow Republican, to pass a 30-day extension of jobless benefits and other expired measures. The measure would also extend highway programs and prevent a big cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

None of this new spending is paid for, and by the rules of the so-called “PayGo” law, it should be.  It’s amazing that Bunning is the only Republican with the balls to stand up for the pretty basic principals of following the law and not increasing the deficit.

If they want the bill through, all they need to do is find a way to pay for it.  The Democrats are running around patting themselves on the back for passing, purely as a talking point to try and diffuse the growing movement against government debt, the sham “PayGo” law.   Let them try to live by it.

In the case of this bill specifically, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in the failed Stimulus that remain unspent.  Bunning wants those funds used for this related spending.