Jeb Bush: God Do I Love Obama’s Unconstitutional NSA Spying!

Creepy RINO Jeb Bush says the “best part” of the Obama administration is their creepy and unconstitutional spying on US citizens.

Please, establishment GOP, nominate this guy as quickly as possible!

[Iddy Biddy Bush] lauded the Obama administration for refusing to buckle under pressure from Democrats, civil liberties groups and some Republicans.

“He has not abandoned them,” Bush said.

Critics of the NSA programs say they’re a massive affront to individual privacy, while defenders say they’re a critical tool in uncovering and combating terrorism.

Yes, congratulations on that whole “not listening to civil liberty groups” thing.  That’s exactly the candidate a constitutional conservative can rally behind.

What reality are these people living in where America would elect another Bush let alone the most incompetent one?  At least George W had a spine when it mattered. On 9/11 Jeb would have been running around looking for a Zod to kneel before.