IOC Ruins 2012 London Summer Olympics With Volleyball Bikini Ruling

The International Olympics Committee has destroyed the 2012 London Summer Olympics by ruling that Women’s Beach Volleyball players no longer have to wear bikinis while participating in the popular television sport.

The players can now wear shorts as long as 1.2 inches above the knee and sleeved tops. The ruling was made to accommodate the participation of athletes from countries¬† “with more modest cultural beliefs” (i.e. Muslim countries where women can’t drive or leave the house without a male relative or suicide bomber vest).

The ruling was made with no concern for those of us at home sitting on our couches eager to watch a little healthy competition between two teams of bikini clad athletically built women.

Since the Beijing Olympics, most beach volleyball competitions have changed rules to allow for more modest uniforms. It’s an attempt to broaden the diversity in the sport, which tends to be dominated by athletes from Europe, Brazil and the United States. Allowing shorts and shirts can encourage participation from countries with more modest cultural beliefs.


As the AP reports, the field at London’s beach volleyball competition won’t be dictated by world rankings, as in Olympics past. Qualifying tournaments on various continents will fill the 24-team draw.