Infrastructure: Derailed Amtrak Train Was Going 107 In A 50 Zone

An analysis by the AP shows that the Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia Tuesday night was going 107 miles per hour into the crash site, where the speed limit is 50.


The train crashed at about 9:15 PM, and it didn’t take long for the shrieking harpies in the media to start jumping around demanding more taxpayer money because of it.  It didn’t matter that no one had any idea what had caused the crash at that point.  Facts get in the way when there’s an agenda to push. The question is irrelevant, all we know is that the answer is more of your money.

Here’s what a ghoulish Washington Post spending enthusiast felt compelled to publish about the human tragedy about two hours later, before the blood on the tracks had even had time to dry.

Here’s an idea. How about the people who use this antiquated form of transportation like it’s some kind of 1940s noir film out there actually pay the costs of providing the service through ticket purchases? Why is the federal government in the train-running business anyway?  What kind of backward-assed country is this where we have oil travelling on the highways like people and people travelling on the rails like cargo?

The crash killed seven people and injured more than 200.

Meanwhile, the train’s engineer was treated at the hospital after the crash, then spent hours in a Philadelphia police station on Wednesday.

He declined to give a statement, according to Commissioner Charles Ramsey, refusing even after his union lawyer arrived.

The 32-year-old engineer and his attorney avoided the media and left that station through a back door.

Sounds like a big infrastructure problem to me.  He probably didn’t want to talk about budget markups and such right then.